Bed Bugs, Chemical vs Heat

Have you ever wondered what the difference in Chemical Treatment vs. Heat treatment is for Bed Bugs? Well I'm here to tell you a little about both.

Chemical Treatment

A technician will come to your home and spray pesticide to kill bed bugs. They will spray around windows, doors, beds, furniture and sometimes carpet. You will have to leave your home for about 2 hours while the pesticide is being sprayed.

Chemical Treatment is the less expensive way to go. However, it takes a lot longer to completely get rid of the bed bugs (2-6 weeks) and there is a lot more prep work when taking this route. The far most important thing with chemical treatment is the Prep Work. Prep Work must be done in order to take care of Bed Bugs. Here is the step by step instructions we give our customers when getting chemical treatment done.

Step One- Collect all washable fabric items from the house and wash and dry them on HOT for at least 45 minutes. After Drying for a minimum of 45 minutes place into a NEW, unused trash bag and seal shut. This includes All stuffed animals, clothes, blankets, pillows, curtains, towels, wash clothes, coats, etc. Do Not Over Stuff the Dryer.

Step Two- Remove all Clutter and move everything away from walls. Absolutely NO piles of clothes, toys, blankets, pillows, etc. This includes removing ALL clutter under the beds.

Step Three- Vacuum ALL services. All furniture, mattresses, picture frames, dresser drawers, baseboards, couch (including the cracks of the couch and chairs). Be sure to throw a way the vacuum bag right away.

Step Four- Remove all outlet covers. (Upon Request)

Heat Treatment

Yes, this means heat treatment is more expensive but you can get rid of bed bugs in just ONE day. A technician will come to your home with heat equipment. This includes furnaces, air movers, duct work and temperature probes. The tech. will hook everything up and heat your home anywhere from 120- 140 degrees (F). They will need to hold this temp for 2-3 hours to ensure all bed bugs and dead. The prep work is a lot less for heat treatment than it is for chemical treatment. Below is a list of prep work for heat treatment.

Step One- Clean up excess clutter.

Step Two- Heat Sensitive items should be removed or placed in the fridge.

This includes: Candles, Aerosols, Medication, Household cleaners, Paint, Oil Paintings, etc.

Step Three- Remove all Vinyl window blinds and smoke detectors.

If you are looking to get rid of bed bugs ASAP with little work, I would say heat treatment is your answer. However, if you would rather save money and don't mind doing prep work, chemical treatment would be the best for you.

If you have questions feel free to give us a call 419-677-3358

Professional Bug Solutions LLC.

Nathan Ault

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